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Root Cause

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Fellow South Africans

All the Ma Tiga pictures for “Throwback Thursday” (since inception on Women’s Day, 9th August 2023) are there because I am a co-founder & director of both NGO/NPOs Sustainable Community Development (SCD Permaculture) and recently, Ma Tiga Fund (MaTiga.)

I took a sabbatical from SCD Permaculture to conceptualize and launch MaTiga, because I saw the need for a woman-centred approach towards solving our people and country’s deep problems.

For 23 years of ‘school fees’ and life’s curveballs, I have been functioning in the NGO sector, full-time since 2015. It is my earnest desire to facilitate common people a chance to be nourished and heal.

MaTiga stands by the Freedom Charter where principle number one is that the people shall govern! When six million people pay R10 a month in perpetuity: a great deal of well-being regeneration takes place, and people can begin to be in control of their own destinies!

10% of SA’s 60 million people can take charge of circumstances. We can pledge our small monthly donation in perpetuity, giving communities finances to heal psychology, ecology, and health!

From substance abuse, mental health, trauma, and other counselling, our HEARTS can open, like the fabulous Tigress who shares her kill with other tigers!

Each initiative is mandated to host a permaculture food garden. One garden at a time, one family at a time SA will grow into a strong root for the Tree of Africa.

The monetary value is ascribed to a tiger.

One tiger

Two tiger

Five tiger

Is street lingo in South Africa.

So, we’ve shortened our name to our lingo “Tiga,” and given it the prefix of “Ma” for mother.

(Mother tigers are one of the finest mammal mothers in caring for her young!)

In serving SCD Permaculture, community engagement has been unique, enlightening, growing, and rewarding. I am very proud of the work that my colleagues continue to do.

MaTiga stands on the shoulders of giants in South Africa. Those resourceful, creative, ‘against-all-odds’ kind of people who’ve endured hardships and who have the passion to make changes: together we will manifest solutions to bring SA back to her blueprint of well-being.

On the ground, I am profoundly grateful to my fellow directors.

From 2000-2009 to Kt Passetti, Masias Makhalemele, and our mothers!

Since the name, structure, and model changed in 2010, my thanks to fellow directors Thomas Linders, Leon Mdiya, Stephen Barrow, Penelope Zeffert, Meisha Mulla, Mafusi Molefi, and Sid Organe. Also a shout-out to Alhyrian Laue, director of ROKPA Permaculture in the North West.

These people have given strong foundations to Waaipoort Farm in the Free State, and ROKPA Permaculture. Their continued work, mentorship, and immersion for the people of Mautse-Rosendal in FS and Rietvaly Permaculture in NW, and Alhyrian’s work in the Cape are making an impact for the good. Their work inspires MaTiga.

Acknowledgment too, to ROKPA International, who, in 2020, recognised the need for a Land-Trust so that SCD Permaculture could continue pursuing a model for regenerative agriculture on Waaipoort Farm in the Free State, which is intended to become a teaching institute.

As a born South African, my experiences and insights have brought me to this place where I ask you to look into yourself and decide that we South African people (and friends globally) can participate in building towards collective well-being.

MaTiga was created to give our children a just future. Let People Power, only 10% of South Africa show the world that we CAN heal our nation and land!

Michèle Schiess

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