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Join us as we work together to heal our nation. 

Take action by setting up your monthly contribution through your Internet banking portal debit order directly to our bank account, or donate through the other options below. 

Donation Options


Yoco once-off online payments 

Bank details for EFTs

First National Bank

Ma Tiga Fund : 626-798-986-88 

Address: Shop 205, Benmore Centre, Benmore Rd, Benmore Gardens, Sandton, 2196

Tel: +27 (0)87 575 9404

Branch code 251255

Swift code: FIRNZAJJ


PayPal International donations

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Donation Transparency 

MaTiger's financial team believes that in order to address unfairness and corruption in society, we must all be responsible and accountable for our activities, not by battling society, but by being completely open in all we do. We have an open-door policy, and donors are encouraged to email us at any time to find out where their funds are being spent. We are currently improving our accounting system and will soon be able to give financial statements upon request to organizations and individuals.

Initiatives for support 


  • ​Apprenticeships and enterprise development.

  • After school care, sport, martial arts, music, dance, art centers, choirs.

  • Vocational Initiatives, life coaching and circles of support.

  • Self defense.

  • Trauma healing centers.

  • Psychological and mental-health support centers.

  • Recovery centers for alcohol and drug dependence.

  • First-response centers for raped and abused people.

  • All manner of environmental chapters: soil, river and ocean health, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, holistic management, subsistence gardens for schools, colleges, universities and public space food gardens.

  • Land purchases (to be held in Trust in perpetuity of purpose)

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