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Returning South Africa to its blueprint of collective well-being.

MaTiga is a non-profit organisation which seeks to return SA to her blueprint of well-being. Financial contributions are collected to support and fund community initiatives.  


Warm welcome!

“O Sons and Daughters of Africa, Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky, Let us make Africa the Tree of Life”

is the chorus sung in the Africa Anthem. (Africa Union)


The very root of this tree needs nurturing : for a tree to grow into a giant it is crucial that the roots are healthy and strong. 


The values behind our continent’s anthem include  independence, unity, justice and hope; and it is our task as citizens of Africa to strive for and to attain these values, so that Africa can become the Tree of Life for all of our people.

How it works


Social Mobilizations 



Community well-being


Monthly donations collected.

Community engagement and social mobilization.

Funding granted to individuals & organizations who transform their communities with real-world programs, projects, and apprenticeships.

"Ubuntu and ethics will triumph. We are brothers & sisters. Black, white, coloured, Indian, South African & foreigner.

There is strength & power in unity" Dr Imtiaz Sooliman




Within communities, there are leaders who are born with the passion, dedication, and drive to improve their surroundings, keep their children safe and get out of the cycle of generational poverty. MaTiga recognizes that finance is frequently a hurdle for leaders working for the greater good, and aims to become the financial partner to these initiatives.

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